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December 23, 2008

Been working the past day or so on another project. Its been taking some time away from writing, but I have still been wrting, just not posting it here yet.

When I am done I will post it.

And hopefully will post other stuff soon, but havent been up to the most exicting life the past few days.


Whats that smell?

December 17, 2008

Its strange how a smell can send you back in time. To something that you had completley forgot about. Bring back lost memories.

I have had that same experience twice in the past week. Both times walking through the halls of my building. I have no idea what either of the smells were. The first one took me back to Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmeq. Not really a good smell, but for the ties it has in my memory I have been walking around since then, trying to smell it again. Hoping for just another whiff.

The second happened today, while I was walking back through the hallways with huge bags of groceries. It was more vague this time. Not sending back to a place, but rather just childhood. I cant put my finger on the smell, or the event(s) the smell is tied to.

They both haunt me now.

First Post (aka Love/Hate #1)

December 3, 2008

Ive been meaning to start writing here for a while.

The past month or so has been crazy with changes and discoveries. Many emotions and cluttered thoughts. So now is the time for writing, and sculpting and drawing and as many creative outlets as possible.

A few years ago while I was living in Israel I started a Love List. List of things I love. I was looking at it this past weekend, and found most of the things I don’t really love. Thought alot about love, and hate and all the gray area between the two. As well as the shifts from one to the other, and all the gray areas

I love when some little change makes all the difference. Something seemingly insignificant changes your mood, outlook, esteem and more.

I hate realizing that you don’t even like someone you used to love.

I love just naturally falling into an embrace with someone.

I hate the sadness I get when I remember all of what I am missing out on, just by being me.

I love the small network of friends I have to go to when I need someone.

Well, that is it for now. There are so much more, and so many in betweens. But for now, I am just happy with this feeling. And happy with my life, even though its sometimes sad. It is all beautiful