Whats that smell?

Its strange how a smell can send you back in time. To something that you had completley forgot about. Bring back lost memories.

I have had that same experience twice in the past week. Both times walking through the halls of my building. I have no idea what either of the smells were. The first one took me back to Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmeq. Not really a good smell, but for the ties it has in my memory I have been walking around since then, trying to smell it again. Hoping for just another whiff.

The second happened today, while I was walking back through the hallways with huge bags of groceries. It was more vague this time. Not sending back to a place, but rather just childhood. I cant put my finger on the smell, or the event(s) the smell is tied to.

They both haunt me now.


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