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The Aftermath part 1

December 20, 2010

fear is her best friend
and worst enemy
it takes over her life
her body
it takes over
Hate is his best friend
his weapon to use against the beautiful
and naive
his mother will toss and turn in her grave
when she is dead
for what he has done
what that son has done is unspeakable
unspeakable horrors that we too often hear
it took her half a year to utter those words
and just as much time to have them enter her mind
how long did it take him to forget?
does he
can he speak her name?
can he even fathom the pain he brought her
and the fear


Time Travel

December 13, 2010

If I could go back in time I’d chose ancient Cairo.
I’d chose Egypt, with you
and you would sing soft songs to me nightly
hold me in your arms as i slowly fell asleep
back when I believed what you told me
i trusted you wouldn’t lie
but even then you would repeat it over and over as my eyelids grew heavy and weak
i was your special girl
you were sent to help us all
at least that is what we were told
but your true mission was me
the bed against the wall
the last before you left
was home to my body
that is where you slowed your pace.
in no rush to leave
a hand on my face
brushing the hair from my eyes
words on your lips just for me
don’t be scared
don’t be afraid
there is nothing to fear
but here i am in my own time
the present
the future is scary
the past is gone and skewed
our bones are ash and dust
and I am scared.