Walking  the long way from the bus
on the way to the bar
to meet someone for the first time
the night distracts me
I enjoy it so much I keep walking and get lost
Partially on purpose
needing some more time alone before being social
before putting on my brave and happy mask
it is cold and dark
with a light mist coming from the sky
and I am alone
Besides the music in my ears the night is quiet
I slowly find my way back
to where I am supposed to be
taking extra time to get there
stopping to notice every leaf, every twisted branch i see
A block away from the bar
my pace slows as I look up
at the sky
There is not a single visible star out
If there was
if the sky was covered in twinkling lights
and magical constellations
I would have forgotten my purpose that night
I would have kept walking alone in the dark
my mind wandering and
soaking in all the beauty and sadness and life as I did so
But the sky was dark
so I opened the door
hoping to find stars inside.


2 Responses to “Magen”

  1. Eve Says:


  2. angelowl3 Says:

    When I read this my mind went to a first date-internet dating site- or a blind date. I like that at the end, even though she has the chance to just keep walking in the night and get lost in her nervousness and anxiety, she decides to take the plunge and walk through that door because she knows something good is waiting on the other side. It sends a good message-something a lot of people need to be reminded of when they get scared of doing something. I like it.


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