She hears verses in her head
every night
every single goddamned night
stories, and tales of every name
of every person
she doesn’t know
they don’t  exist.
but she hears their verses
as she falls asleep
and as she wakes
her eyes fight to open
for they are pulling her in
back in
trying to keep her there forever.


2 Responses to “Caden”

  1. angelowl3 Says:

    I think this is every writer’s struggle. I know I’ve gone through hearing character’s voices and seeing scenes in my head and it’s very easy to just get trapped in that world. I like it also because you’ve described someone that people can see in their heads as they’re reading so it actually causes them to get a taste of what the person in the poem is going through. Very clever.


  2. Little My Says:

    I meant actual voices, but I like your interpretation, too. It is much more universal.

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