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Crayon Box

May 4, 2011

She opened the box, searching for the perfect shade

the shade that shows who she is inside and out

the love

the passion, the insanity and fear

the bravery

the terror

the insignificance

and again, the love.

Which color matches her soul

meek yet bold, brash and shy, fluffy, anxious

varied in shade

and the box is big

it is huge

the possibilities

the choices seem endless


flowery, lilac

cold and graceful , ice blue

the many shades of gray

the green or the purple sorcery that is in this box

which color is me

she asks

and I don’t know how to reply

the words are so easy, but I do not know

her color changes with her mood

like a chameleon

like a beauty reptile of colors

taking the whole box she choses them all

for she is a rainbow and then some

she is a box of crayons