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Rachel and Mia

November 29, 2011

bowl of rice
sits on the table next to the bed
waiting to be consumed
waiting to fill the bellies of the children outside
they play
run in and out of  the streets with no fear of being hit
they lie
chalk drawn sidewalk beneath them
touching fingertips
just barely
just enough to send a spark
thtough arms
down spines down
wearing tank tops  with training bras underneath
and shorts
to their knees
the burn of the sun hitting bare arms
and partly bare legs
with just a whisper of new hair
never been shaved.
turing to each other they look
into eyes
touching nose
just in time to be called inside
they separate quickly
giggling as they run inside
to eat cooled rice
and drink iced tea
not so innocent at heart.



November 22, 2011

foreign woman
she reaches out her arm, she reaches out her arms
to touch half limp shoulders
laying flat in a hospital bed
they shrug into her touch
some of the only movements left
in that strange
little body.

like a doll she is stiff and hard
porcelain skin
i am talking about both of them

this is not her best day
this is not what she had hoped for

moving across the world
for a lover
to turn ill

she never thought she would be here
four days new
new country
new home
new everything
standing in a hospital room
growing cold
and sick with worry
by what may just be
a lovers death bed

may just be the love of her life
next to her
leaving her alone in this new world

foreign woman
standing by a bed
like a doll


November 18, 2011

A shadow moves across the ceiling
like a sting ray gliding in the water
in the pools of an aquarium
wonderfully so
and not least bit menacing
the shadows continue their journey back and forth
across the walls and stucco above
I want to reach out
reach my hand out and touch
the beautiful creature up there
I am too small, my stature, my arms wont reach
so I let my eyes slowly close and dream of you

Second Date

November 15, 2011

on our second date
you brought a gun
and for some reason let me see it
out of the corner of my eye

but when walking the bad way
the foolish way
to the video store
a stranger approached me
tried to separate us
saw your gun
brought out his own
and held it to my chest

into the video store we went
the three of us
two guns
not mine
as a pacifist
like i thought you were
my mind was rushing
till i saw the girls
in bondage it was dark
the lights dim
the movies
the films
our favorites made ugly
made sick and twisted with thought of death
and trafficking
and at that moment my life was over.
i was alive
maybe i still am
but all the beauty had vanished from my world
all that was left was cold shells of previously
loved things
and a love that could have been
turned into a horror show
turned sour
like the taste in my mouth
dry and bitter
dehydrated and scared
we stayed until midnight
and that is all I remember of our second date.

Guardian of the Valley

November 11, 2011

I was walking through the hallway of my apartment building
when a smell made me stop in my tracks.
I closed my eyes and breathed in deep.
Suddenly I was back in Israel.
On the Kibbutz
Mishmar HaEmeq.
I was walking with Julia past the group of russians smoking outside the Ulpan office. We were getting tea, laughing, joking, and talking about the men she was dating or sleeping with, or wanted to be dating or sleeping with
I can never remember.
I was walking  back from the Moadoon to the trailer I shared with her and Eva-my best friends.
I was laying in Eva’s bed listening to the John Lennon and Counting Crows songs over and over and over again
Intertwining our legs and gazing at the beautiful contrast
of her deep tanned peruvian skin and my pale translucent skin.
I was walking around Tel-Aviv, talking with champion skaters and a cross continental bike rider

Going to Haifa with Julia and getting tattoos.
Floating in the Dead Sea.
Hiking to the top of Masada
Walking through Tzfat, with all the art and beauty and mysticism.
I was hitchhiking with Eva late at night just for the hell of it, and then for survival.
I was experiencing all the amazing things I did in Israel. All the beauty, history and adventure
Then the smell turned on me
I was in bed crying
I was flirting with a guy I didn’t even like.
He was coming through the window
I was in class, telling him to stop kissing and touching me
I was silently wishing someone-anyone would see how he was treating me and do something.
I was running out of my room to my friend Jeremy, lying about what happened
I was getting drunk with Julia after finding out we weren’t pregnant
I was in bed crying with glass all around me, and the rock that he threw through my window
And then
I was in Jerusalem, the old city. Before the Kotel, with a note in my hand. My eyes searching the wall for an empty spot. I placed the note inside and kissed the wall
“Give me another chance”