Second Date

on our second date
you brought a gun
and for some reason let me see it
out of the corner of my eye

but when walking the bad way
the foolish way
to the video store
a stranger approached me
tried to separate us
saw your gun
brought out his own
and held it to my chest

into the video store we went
the three of us
two guns
not mine
as a pacifist
like i thought you were
my mind was rushing
till i saw the girls
in bondage it was dark
the lights dim
the movies
the films
our favorites made ugly
made sick and twisted with thought of death
and trafficking
and at that moment my life was over.
i was alive
maybe i still am
but all the beauty had vanished from my world
all that was left was cold shells of previously
loved things
and a love that could have been
turned into a horror show
turned sour
like the taste in my mouth
dry and bitter
dehydrated and scared
we stayed until midnight
and that is all I remember of our second date.


One Response to “Second Date”

  1. Eve Says:

    Intense and scary! Wow!

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