Ursus arctos californicus

Downstairs she walks
toward the back door
to see what is there
too dark, she sits on the table
craning her neck to look past the sliding doors
suddenly she sees
the bears
on the deck
how frightening they are
she makes no audible sounds
by these giant brown creatures
she has only seen in books


one leaves
another spots her
through the window
stands, paw on glass
mouth open
she squeaks
yet brave
unable to take her eyes off the sight
scooting backwards

crawling off the table onto chair
onto floor
pillows laid
a muffled thump
scooting backwards down the hall
away from bears

only one left
makes a sound, a growl
only heard by the girl

she is found
by morning
by parents
pillow under bottom
with bite marks on her wrists


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